Inelli Plastik, has over 50 years of experience and that, coupled with its highly capable partners using the latest technology, own mould desing experience, research activities, multinational working experience, futureorientated philosophy and quality - minded staff, has led it to be the best supplier of plastic tubes for the Global Textile Industry.

For Inelli Plastik,this means continuing to set more new targets is an obligation. Ring-Spinning Tubes,Flyer-Tubes, Cones, Cylindrical tubes, Perforated Dye-Tubes, Copses for Synthetic yarns are only a part of our production range that serve with the highest level of Quality at the best prices.

Inelli Plastic is proud to produce for both domestic and International customers and always within the standarts of DIN and ISO.

Of course we have the ISO 9002 Certificate since more than 5 years.

The next step is the ISO-9001-2000 Version.

Patented Dye-Tubes are produced in our Izmir Joint-Venture Plant with Mariplast S.p.A. Mariplast, with over 25 valuable years of experience, is the word-leader in the development and manufacture of plastic Dye-Tubes.

All of the Designs are developed by talented and highly skilled Mariplast Staff and are patented all over the world.

This system, the so called Package Dyeing System, allows our customers to save on time, reduce costs and reach the best Dye Results with our tubes.

The Mariplast Tubes are systems, which are constantly researched,developed and improved.

Mariplast-Inelli will keep serving both the Domestic and International markets to perfection.
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